Thursday, January 7, 2010

Old Friends

Just got off the phone with a guy I've known since, well, maybe even as early as first grade. I haven't talked to him in probably something like 2 years. We went thru grammar school together, and seeing as how he only lived about a mile away, I spent parts of many an evening at his house. All thru high school and even up until my late 20's, I would be over his house about once a week. Even after he'd been married and moved away to upstate NY, I would still be at the house he grew up in, because his parents were always there, along with his 2 younger brothers. I ate more meals there then my own home some months.

How does so much time go by so quickly? How do people manage to drift so far apart? I mean, I understand it, people get lives, wives, husbands, kids, families, etc., but still, how do things get so far gone that years can go by between conversations? This was the first time I'd talked to him since his father had died. I'm normally not exactly what one would refer to as a sentimental person, but towards the end of the conversation, I mentioned this to him, and we both sort of stopped and thought about it. We'd been having a silly, goofy chat like nothing had changed since we were kids, but the fact is, things have. I'm not sure this whole growing up thing is really all it's cracked up to be.

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