Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Sleep Deprivation Experiment Continues

So it's 1AM, and I've just gotten home from seeing the Deftones live here in Las Vegas. They are a terrific metal band that I've been a fan of since their first album came out back in 1995. Due to unremembered circumstances, however, I wasn't able to see them live until they came around as co-headliners (although they went on first) with Alice In Chains a few months ago. They sounded so good at that show that my-friend-the-girl J and I decided right then and there to go see them whenever they came around as full headliners, and lo and behold, we didn't have to wait too long.

The only problem with this is the show was on a Saturday night, on the heels of a 6 day work week, and of course every day ran long. Good thing the checks keep clearing. And to combat the impending shutdown of my physical self, I just pop a couple of Excedrin...since I don't drink soda or coffee, it doesn't take much caffeine to keep me going on less than my usual 6 hours sleep a night. It also helps that I will be off for the next 2 days, and possibly 3, if they don't call me to work my scheduled day off Tuesday.

The summer concert season will have me getting many a sleep deprived night in, as I've got upcoming dates with Bill Cosby, Soundgarden with The Mars Volta as the opening act, Iggy Pop And The Stooges, Thin Lizzy and Black Label Society opening for Judas Priest, and the almighty and mostly reformed Kyuss, which happens to be my favorite band bar none. No matter how much I love things like The Doors, Metallica (up thru about 1989), Bjork, etc, if one were to do the proverbial desert island thing with me, Kyuss would be the one that would be chosen. Same thing with the gun-to-the-head analogy...Kyuss would still be the answer with a bullet pointed at my brain. The importance of their music in my life cannot be overstated.

Eventually I'll get around to a full post on Kyuss and what they truly mean to me, but since it's kinda hard to see the MacBook screen thru my getting-more-and-more-closed-eyelids, I'll just draw this mini-missive to a close. Hello, sleep, I've missed you...

...and right as I initially posted this, I see my Twitter friend Jessica Kausen is still at work in New York 4 fucking 30 in the morning...after starting the previous 8AM or so...on the weekend...I'm a fucking wuss.

Blog Post Soundtrack; P.J. Harvey, Mercyful Fate, Monster Magnet, Foo Fighters, At The Drive-In, Metallica (live), Blondie

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