Thursday, March 18, 2010

Vacations On Panoramio

I'm currently in the middle of posting some pictures from my recent vacation on Panoramio, the photo sharing website that I've used for the last 3 years now. First, a few words (there will be more later) on the vacation. My mom flew out here to Vegas on Sunday the 7th of March, and we started driving for the Pacific Northwest on Monday the 8th. Making our way thru the Redwood Forests of Northern California and Oregon, we also stopped in Seattle and Vancouver, British Columbia, and then she flew back home from Seattle on Tuesday the 16th of March. I then continued driving, doing the last 1400 miles in 30 hours, including a 10 hour stop in a nice hotel in Redding, CA that I wish I'd had more time to enjoy. Regardless, I wound up driving 3300 miles over the 10 days I was gone, seeing tons of wonderful things, and having a great time. As I said, there will be more detail about this in later posts.

As for Panoramio, I absolutely love the site. The fact that you can map your photos onto Google Earth is probably what attracted me to the site in the first place. For someone like me who enjoys organizing things, that has a tremendous appeal to me. Over the ensuing 3+ years since I first started posting pictures to it, I've now put up over 600 photos on that site. They've been taken on various vacations over the years. But the fact that you are able to map the photo to the exact location that you took the picture from is the most intersting point for me. You can then go on Google Earth, see your photo placed where you took it, and look at other photos in and around the same area, getting other people's perspectives on the same subject, or looking at things nearby.

Having taken over 600 photos just on this recent vacation, there will be quite a few placed on Google Earth and Panoramio over the coming weeks.

Blog Post Soundtrack; Heart, Blade Runner, Black Sabbath, Queens Of The Stone Age, Budgie, and some of the first period of The New York Rangers hosting The St. Louis Blues (Let's Go Rangers!)

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