Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just An Exercise

Opened up Word here just to see what I would write. This is purely an exercise in “creative” writing. Not terribly creative so far, huh? Well, I always remembered this exercise from back in probably Junior High School, where you were just supposed to write whatever came into your head, even if it was total nonsense…which this obviously is. Was writing a blog entry on Michael Golden, and while words were coming out, and many things were being added to it, I just wasn’t feeling it. There didn’t seem to be anything inspired in it at all. It was a mere recitation of facts (second time in 2 days I’ve used that phrase, and spelled ‘recitation’ right each time too!), nothing exciting. Even listening to Hendrix and now vintage Sup-Pop era Soundgarden isn’t really inspiring me, although at least it’s good stuff to hear. And again, while this isn’t what one would term “creative“, at least I’m flowing with it, and it is coming out naturally. None of this is forced. None of this is any good, either, but…

Blog Post Soundtrack; Jimi Hendrix, Soundgarden

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