Thursday, September 18, 2014

Buddy Hackett

We got our first VCR in our home back in December of 1988. That changed my entire world. Suddenly, all sorts of options for watching shows that I'd never been able to see before were opened up to me. Specifically, I was now able to watch The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson and Late Night With David Letterman on a daily basis. Previously, I'd seen the occasional episode here and there, but between always having school, or work, or both, I'd never really been able to regularly be up late enough to watch. I've always been one of those morning people that most of the world seems to hate.

Being able to now watch these shows on a nightly basis exposed me either to many new-to-me comedians, or gave me opportunities to see comics I was already fond of, but didn't get to see very often. One of these was Buddy Hackett, who I unfortunately never got to see live in person. Thankfully, seeing him appear on Carson's show many times somewhat made up for that. And since the advent of YouTube, so many things I've wanted to see (or to see again), are right at my fingertips.

Here's a quick clip from near the end of Carson's run (this may actually have been from Hackett's last appearance on Johnny's Tonight Show):

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