Monday, September 22, 2014


It's 5:30 on a Monday morning as I begin to write this. Sam Ryan is keeping me company as she hosts Quick Pitch (a wrap-up/highlight show of the previous day in professional baseball) on the MLB Network. Also keeping a close eye on my morning activities is the Meow Meow...frankly, she's been trying to add a few sentences to this entry herself, as she's made multiple attempts to jump or walk onto the keyboard as I've been sitting here. I've just done most of my morning warm-ups, and am now having breakfast, typing in between spoonfuls of cereal. I've been doing everything I can to make sure I write a little something each and every day. Seems to be the only way I can ensure that I'll actually stick with this. I'm a bit of a creature of habit. Even on my days off, I tend to get up early and still exercise. That comes from 19 years of delivering mail, and being in my mid-forties now, that means things tend to hurt if I don't. Actually, they tend to hurt even I do, but the exercise ensures it hurts a little less, and makes sure I can get thru the upcoming work day. I also get up early on days off so that I can make the coffee for my wife, who apparently needs the "elixir of life" in order to function. The phrase uttered at me frequently at the start of her day, in varying degrees of volume depending on the severity of the emotion that day, is "Don't LIKE mornings!" Never would've guessed, sweetie.

Off to the showers soon. Have a good day, people. I'll see you in the morning.

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