Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Face Of Despair

Today I saw, firsthand, the face of despair. I stared into its eyes, looking long and hard into the very depths of oblivion. I could read the expression of "please kill me" on its face as easy as you can read this sentence. Never have I seen such a low. It was a palpable presence in the room. It enveloped me as I entered, and stayed with me even after I left. The fog of hopelessness within the area nearly blocked out the light from the midday desert sun.

Entering the fast-food restaurant, one was overwhelmed by the young children in line screaming and running amok, playing with the retractable belt barriers, and using the elderly folks with walkers as obstacles to skirt around. The face of despair was worn by the man behind the counter. As I entered to deliver their mail, our eyes met...and I could feel his soul being sucked out of his very being. I looked into the abyss...

...and then went back outside to my truck to continue my route, laughing manically.

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