Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I'd Like To Exchange This Day Off

Rather annoying way to spend a day off...woke up late, feeling a little uneasy with a headache. My wife was already well into her work day by the time I staggered out to her office in the house. I had been up earlier for about an hour or so, but wasn't feeling so great...and knowing it was a day off with not too much activity planned for the day, went back to bed. But by the time I finally got back up, the wife had already been working for nearly two hours, and, more tragically...had to make her own coffee.

The horror...the horror...

Her coffee is usually on her nightstand waiting for her to wake with her alarm every morning, even on her days off, Sundays, everything. It's a rare morning when she wakes up to a coffee-less nightstand. She let me sleep in, but I believe there were some growing concerns on her part as to whether or not I was still her husband, and not her late husband. My shuffling appearance assuaged those fears, but then gave her some new ones. I must have not looked much better than I felt.

After a light breakfast, I got some things together, got into the car, and went off to run a few errands, hoping that the fresh air and activity would help me feel better.

In a word...nope.

Upon returning home, I went to a sheet-less bed (current ones were being washed, and me putting new ones on required more effort than I was able to muster at this point), and became one with it.

And until about a couple hours ago, aside from multiple trips to the bathroom, that was pretty much my day.

Can I get a refund?

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