Saturday, September 27, 2014


As I sit here writing this on a bright sunny Saturday morning somewhere west of Pasadena, listening to the occasional car pass by, a thought occurs to me. How did this cat hair get all over my keyboard? Apparently the Meow Meow was trying to order catnip online again while I was gone at work yesterday. I was fairly certain I'd closed my MacBook before I left the house Friday morning. I'll have to confer with the Mrs. later about the veracity of my claim.

Seemingly the only person awake in this domicile at the moment, I'm enjoying the opportunity to quietly enjoy...the quiet. It's not something I rarely do. Waking up in my home, I normally do the morning exercises to some sort of accompaniment on the television, albeit with the volume pretty low so as not to disturb the wife. Here, since I'm in someone else's residence, and one I am completely unfamiliar with, I choose not to attempt to turn on electronic entertainment devices so as not to disturb our hosts. So aside from some random birds chirping outside, the smoke detector or some such device softly chirping inside, and the aforementioned nearby motor vehicles, I'm hearing something I pretty much never hear.


I normally have some sort of audible amusement going at nearly all times. Once I leave the house for work, music is going for most of the day. Apart from the first couple hours in the office itself, I'm out on the street making deliveries. My work truck has a stereo with a jack into which I plug my iPod, and my iPhone never leaves my breast pocket, leaving me with constant access to something like over 1,500 hours of things to listen to. I'll play music until I decide I want to hear a story, or some comedy, or whatever strikes my fancy at that particular moment on that particular day. I'll get into routines where, at a certain point in my route, it's time to switch over to, for instance, an episode of Laugh-In. As much as I enjoy the show as a whole, listening to the clever banter between hosts Dan Rowan and Dick Martin is usually the best part for me. I was able to locate one of their comedy albums in the electronic music store, and grabbed another on vinyl off the online auction site. Occasionally I wonder if I was born in the wrong era, considering my affinity for comedians of the 1960's.

Alas, the upcoming busy day awaits. Think I'll get going on that shortly. Just want to sit here for a few more minutes and enjoy nothing.

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