Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dust Mop

There's a constant source of entertainment in our house, in addition to the banter that goes on between my wife and myself. Since April of this year, we've had a feline residing here, and things are never dull with her around. She's got certain toys that she'll chase after on a regular basis, she's a committed bird-watcher, she's very vocal, and even as I attempt to write this, she is making her presence known. Apparently she thinks she's a transparent kitty, but despite her opinion, I can't actually see my keyboard thru her thick fur and increasingly large body.

As per usual with a cat, she enjoys climbing and being in high places. The library of our home affords her lots of chances to both achieve this, and to catch up on her reading. Never know what book she'll be focusing on when I stumble across her in interesting locations. Never have the tops of the bookcases been as well-dusted since she's discovered how to get up there. Nice to have a built-in cleaning service...our little mobile Swiffer Duster.

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